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Medical Massage & Lymphatic Drainage


Washington State Department of Health Covid-19 Masks required in all healthcare facilities:

Where Masks Are Still Required-This information is current as of September 14, 2022.

In addition to the requirements outlined above, masks are still required for all workers:

  • In hospitals, dentist offices, medical facilities, and other health care settings.
  • In long-term care settings, including home care, home health and home hospice.
  • In locations required by federal law.




Governor Inslee’s proclamation 20-25 allows health care providers to continue essential health services. Many services massage therapists provide are considered non-essential and most are considered non-urgent. No in-person appointment is risk-free, even if the patient and massage therapist appear well. To help control the spread of COVID-19, treatment should be limited to patients with a clear and documented urgent medical need. While the proclamation allows massage therapists to continue providing essential health services, they are not required to do so.


  • I are asking patients to wait outside/lobby until called in for their scheduled appointment time.
  • Please leave children & family members NOT seeking medical care in the car during your treatment.
  • I will be checking patient temperatures at the door before being seen in order to help protect and minimize potential risk to other patients.
  • We will unlock the door and check your temperature, and if it is higher than normal, we will ask you to please reschedule.
  • Gloves, masks will be utilized and special Blue light ozone machine will be run between patients to clean the air of any harmful viruses or bacteria.
  • We sincerely apologize for any delay or inconvenience this may cause.
  • If we are on the phone/taking care of another patient, we will be with you as soon as possible.

Stay Healthy,
Sandra Whiley LMP, CLT

For almost 20 years I have worked with leading Health Care Providers in the Pacific Northwest to successfully relieve countless patients from pain and compensations in their body. Pain and compensations are caused by imbalances from injuries, pregnancies, chronic stress, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, herniated discs, poor circulation, vehicle accidents, surgery, joint replacements, neurological issues, tissue inflammation and edema.

I provide the following care/treatments (please click on links below):

My philosophy is centered around the holistic care, improvement and restoration of the body through various modalities. Ultimately, treatment relieves pain and naturally restores quality of life.

In a warm comfortable and healing environment conveniently located in the hearts of Bellevue and Sequim, I ……

-Restore gait…

-Restore balanced arches in feet (Medial, Lateral and Transverse) …

-Restore rotations/pelvic tilts/ deviations of the neck, torso, arms, legs and ankles …

-Assist in reducing frequency of headaches/migraines …

-Neuropathy …manual therapy increases nerve function and blood circulation

-Herniated disc relief …

-Improve range of motion …

-Relieving chronic pain …

-Reduce stress and anxiety …

-Promote relaxation to aid better sleep …

-Reducing post-surgical pain …

-Sport injuries …

-Ease symptoms of depression and boost immunity…

-Decrease symptoms of arthritis pain

-Scar tissue release with Myofascial Techniques


What to expect at your first appointment…?

· Review of diagnosis from healthcare provider (No referral required).

· Full body assessment and evaluation for ongoing care and treatment.

· Provide appropriate therapy and treatment.

· Post care and treatment review.

· Agreeing treatment Plan of Action and future Goal Setting.

· Review and demonstrate on-going treatment and exercises for home.

· Set continued care and future appointment dates.

· Create or update summary of post care after each therapy session.

· Create claims for billing and or provide invoice for patient.

· Post care correspondence with your healthcare provider.