Advanced Therapy Solutions NW, INC
Medical Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

About Me

A graduate from Brenneke School of Massage, I have provided massage therapy services in the Northwest for over 20 years. In addition to my education, I have a certificate for Orthopedic and Myofascial Therapy from the Institute of Healthcare Studies. As an experienced licensed massage practitioner with multiple intra-disciplinary techniques, I focus on soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal imbalances and/or repetitive motion stresses. My massage modalities including: Medical injury treatment, Myofascial Release ( Anatomy Trains), Orthopedics massage, Deep core muscle release, Trigger point, MET ( muscle energy Technique), ART (active release technique) , Summit Geriatic taping, Pregnancy Massage.

Lymphedema treatments are now being practiced as a of August 2017. Manual Lymph drainage (MLD) , onsite bandaging. Custom fittings are done in office and ordered through Juzo USA.  Successful Lymphatic therapy is a joint cooperation between patient and therapist. Becoming familiar with the treatment protocols, adherence to the bandaging and garment use following MLD treatments.  For best results, our success depends on patient compliance, home self care, and ability to understand the process of decongestive therapy. I recommend a referral from a MD, DC,ND, PT for diagnosis of specific conditions and areas of concern.  Fax: 360-208-0604   

  My goal is to help you move with less pain and successfully improve mobility.  I look forward in being of service to you and our community.


Sandra Whiley LMP, CLT