*Currently, I am unable to bill your insurance at this time, I will provide a invoice for the services rendered and you may contact your insurance for reimbursement.  Cash pay only. - Updated July 2019.

Pre-pay and Save:

Wellness program rates are 100.00 1st visit, 90.00 rate thereafter for 3 months, no limit on visits. Wellness renewal rate 100..00 after 3 months. No contract.   2019-2020 -  ( only for Bellevue, Wa. Clinic)

Payment at Time of Service private pay: (Gift Card, Cash, Check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express)

1 hr private pay 100.00  Cash, CC, other

1 hr $100.00- $160.00 ( LNI, insurance reimbursement, motor vehicle insurance, out of network benefits)

Missed appointment, or cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be charged a full session.  Note the difficulty, in filling in  your reserved spot for therapy.   

Send Payments to:

Sandra J. Whiley

P.O Box 1716, Kingston, Wa. 98382

The Following Forms of Payment are Accepted:

     - Cash

     - Check

     - Labor and Industries

     - Personal Injury Protection 

     - 3rd Party Insurance ( limited 6 sessions before payment is required)

      - HSA cards ( Health savings account credit card) 

     - Visa

     - MasterCard

     - Discover

     - Most all major credit cards not listed

    - Medicare and Medicaid do not currently cover medical massage therapy.

- Currently not taking health care insurance (s)  Premera nor Regence at this location as of February 2019, however you may be reimbursed if you have out of network benefits. Please call to verify, I will provide a receipt for you. 


Payment When Billed (Your responsibility if insurance is maxed or denied)

Missed appointment or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, will be charged the full rate of missed session.

Contact us for more information about your insurance coverage, questions about care, wellness program or scheduling an appointment. Email, Text or Call. 360-990-9511

Best in Health,

Sandra Whiley, LMP, CLT